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    ceramic knife
    • ceramic knife
    ceramic knife

    Product description:

      Ceramic knife, the appearance of jade-like white and soft, round color. Used in modern kitchen, with metal knife can not be the advantages of the proposed. It is polished blade and knife blade uniform cutting smart and convenient, sharp blade, hardness second only to the diamond, wear resistance is 60 times the metal knife. Ceramic table knife embodies the new century, the concept of new materials, green, elegant and smart, to bring people aristocratic enjoyment.

     ?、? Ceramic knife does not rust color change, health and environmental protection, can withstand a variety of acid and alkali corrosion.

     ?、?easy to clean, to maintain the food color, flavor, and does not react with the food, reduce the chance of bacterial growth.

     ?、? The knife is completely non-magnetic, and for the whole dense material, no pores.